How to Scan Photos to Digital Files

Scanning Pictures to Digital Format For Beginners

Most of us have stored negatives from the past when technology wasn’t as advanced. Some people may even have hundreds upon thousands of old negatives stored! That’s quite a lot of photos, correct? Now, what if a person wanted to convert those specific photos over to a digital file? Is that even possible with all the advanced technology? Yes, it is! In fact, the process of scanning photographs onto digital files is very easy! Stay tuned because today, we are going to be going over how to scan your photos onto digital files!

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How Can One Scan Photos onto Digital Files?

The overall process of scanning photos onto a digital file, such as an SD card is very easy. Most people will more than likely not have a whole scanning system installed in their homes, so we will look at a more relevant example. Let’s say that you finally dug out those hundreds of old negatives, ready to take them to your local CVS. To help you better understand on what we are talking about, there will be specific steps listed below.

  • Step One: The very first thing that you will need to do is head on over to the Kodak machines at CVS, Wal-Mart, or other stores which have this type of technology. There is a specific type of machine that you will need to use. The machine that you will need to use is called a Film Scanner. Make sure where ever you go has a Film Scanner.
  • Step Two: In this step, you will need to get out your negatives and if they are dusty, please be sure to wipe them off. You can do this with a simple tissue or rag. You will then need to place your negatives inside the negative holders. Please remember to always line up the edges of your negatives and holder because you will be clamping them together. Think of it kind of like a snapping device. You place your object in, snap it down and go to the next step. That’s what you’ll be doing with your negatives.
  • Step Three: After you have your negatives clamped down on the negative holders, you will need to insert your SD camera card into the Film Scanner. Please remember to insert your SD card before you do anything else. This is because your scanned photographs need a place to be transferred over to. Always insert your SD card!
  • Step Four: You will now need to turn your scanner on, getting ready to load your negatives. You are now ready to begin! Simply insert your negative holder into the Film Scanner machine! Keep in mind that you will be able to see which photos you wish to have transferred over to your SD card! Once you have selected which photos from your negatives you wish to have transferred over to your SD card, simply press the Scan button. Once you press the Scan button, your photos will automatically transfer on over to your SD card, completing your process!